Glossy lycra fabric - skin
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Glossy lycra fabric - skin

Skin-colored (flesh) glossy Lycra fabric, composed of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, is an elastic, smooth and elegant fabric. The flesh color is a neutral hue that approximates the natural color of human skin, making it a versatile choice for many sewing projects.

Shiny flesh-colored Lycra fabric is an excellent choice for creating elegant, tailored outfits. Its elastic composition offers comfort and freedom of movement, while its glossy finish gives it a luminous, elegant appearance. Whether for dancewear, swimwear, underwear or other projects requiring a neutral color, this fabric is appreciated by designers for its quality, stretch and European manufacturing.

An classic. European-made product

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80% polyamide 20% lycra

Weight per m²

190 g/m²


150 cm




Tight costumes, dance, gymnastics, skating, twirling,... Recommended for water sports, decoration of stretched fabrics, garment making

1. Composition: The fabric is mainly composed of 80% polyamide, also known as nylon, and 20% elastane, which gives it its elastic properties.

2. Texture: Shiny Lycra fabric is smooth and silky to the touch, offering great comfort when worn.

3. Elasticity: The blend of polyamide and elastane gives the fabric excellent elasticity, enabling it to stretch in all directions without deforming.

4. Gloss finish: The glossy finish gives the fabric a bright, elegant look, making it perfect for dancewear, sportswear, underwear, leotards and other creative projects.

5. Flesh color: Flesh color is a neutral hue that approximates the natural color of human skin. It is versatile and can blend discreetly under different types of clothing.

6. Use: Shiny flesh-colored Lycra fabric is ideal for creating elegant, tailored outfits, dancewear, swimwear, underwear and other projects requiring a neutral color.

7. Made in Europe: The fabric is made in Europe, which can be a guarantee of quality and respect for manufacturing standards.

8. Care: Shiny Lycra fabric is generally easy to care for and can be machine-washed.

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