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Shiny copper lycra fabric

Copper-colored shiny Lycra fabric, composed of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane, is an elastic, smooth and luminous fabric. The copper color evokes the richness and warmth of metallic tones. This fabric is ideal for creating bold, elegant outfits.

Shiny Lycra fabric in copper is an excellent choice for creating bold, elegant outfits. Its elastic composition offers comfort and freedom of movement, while its shiny finish gives it a bright, captivating look. Whether for evening gowns, dancewear or glittering leotards, this fabric adds a touch of richness and sophistication to your creations.

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80% polyamide 20% lycra

Weight per m²

190 g/m²


150 cm




Tight costumes, dance, gymnastics, skating, twirling,... Recommended for water sports, decoration of stretched fabrics, garment making

1. Composition: The fabric is mainly composed of 80% polyamide, also known as nylon, and 20% elastane, which gives it its elastic properties.

2. Texture: Shiny Lycra fabric is smooth and silky to the touch, offering great comfort when worn.

3. Elasticity: The blend of polyamide and elastane gives the fabric excellent elasticity, enabling it to stretch in all directions without deforming.

4. Gloss finish: The glossy finish gives the fabric a bright, luminous look, making it perfect for dancewear, evening wear and bold, elegant outfits.

5. Copper color: The color copper evokes the richness and warmth of metallic tones. It's a captivating and distinctive hue.

6. Use: Shiny copper-colored Lycra fabric is ideal for creating evening gowns, dancewear, leotards, tops, accessories and more.

7. Made in Europe: The fabric is made in Europe, which can be a guarantee of quality and respect for manufacturing standards.

8. Care: Shiny Lycra fabric is generally easy to care for and can be machine washed.

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