Sequin fabric - carnival
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Sequin fabric - carnival

Harlequin carnival sequin fabric is a type of sequin fabric featuring a motif inspired by the world of carnival and the harlequin character. Sequins are small, shiny pieces, usually disc-shaped, sewn onto the fabric to create a glittering, festive effect.

Harlequin carnival sequin fabric is ideal for adding a touch of magic and playfulness to your creations for carnival, costume parties, or any other festive event. Sequins and the harlequin motif add a cheerful, colorful ambiance to your sewing projects, highlighting the festive, playful spirit of this carnival tradition.

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100% polyester and metallic sequins

Weight per m²

200 g/m²


150 cm


Manufacture of clothes, disguises, decorations for shows, parties (weddings, fairs,...), manufacture of oriental dresses.

The characteristics of the Harlequin carnival pattern sequin fabric are as follows:

1. Harlequin carnival motif: The fabric is decorated with a motif representing the harlequin, an emblematic carnival character known for his colorful costume and geometric patterns. The pattern is composed of geometric shapes, diamonds and bright colors, creating a festive, playful atmosphere.

2. Sparkling sequins: In addition to the pattern, the fabric is adorned with sequins that add an extra touch of sparkle and shine to the ensemble.

3. Versatile use: This type of fabric is often used to make carnival costumes, show outfits, masquerade costume, party accessories, evening bags, and other sewing projects that require a glittering, festive effect.

4. Bright colors: The colors used in the harlequin pattern are generally bright and contrasting, helping to create a strong, dynamic visual impact.