Charleston fabric - gold
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Charleston fabric - gold

Gold-colored charleston fabric is a type of sequin fabric used mainly for sewing and decorating projects where a touch of sparkle and glamour is desired. Sequins are shiny pieces sewn onto fabric to create a glittering, festive effect.

Gold-colored charleston sequin fabric is an excellent option for adding sparkle and sophistication to your creations. Whether for special events, festive occasions or simply to add a touch of glamour to your outfits, this gold sequin fabric is ideal for creating unique and remarkable pieces.

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€19.90 / m
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100% polyester with sequins

Weight per m²

600 g/m²


120 cm


Carnival, clothing and festive decoration

The characteristics of the charleston sequin fabric in gold are as follows:

1. Sparkling sequins: The fabric is covered with gold-colored sequins, which reflect the light and create a sparkling, eye-catching effect.

2. Gold color: Gold adds a touch of luxury, opulence and elegance to your creations. It evokes the idea of wealth and refinement.

3. Soft and flowing: Although the fabric is embellished with sequins, it can be relatively soft and flowing, allowing flexibility in garment or accessory making.

4. Versatile use: This type of fabric is often used to create evening gowns, dancewear, show costumes, fashion accessories, evening bags and other sewing projects that require a glittering effect.