Brown faux-leather bias per 25 meters
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Faux leather bias 20 mm Light Grey per 25 meters

Faux Leather Bias Light Grey, Width 20 mm: Elegance and Versatility in Roll of 25 meters

Discover our premium light grey faux leather bias, an elegant and versatile choice for all your sewing projects. Conditioned by 25 meters, this channel offers a practical and economical solution for professional couturiers, tailoring workshops and sewing enthusiasts.


Width: 20 mm

Material: High quality faux leather

Colour: Soft and refined light grey

Versatility for all your projects:

This 20 mm bias is ideal for embellishing the edges of your clothes, handbags, accessories and decorative items. Its versatility makes it a perfect choice for a wide range of creations, from smaller sewing projects to larger-scale achievements.

Impeccable and Professional Finish:

Thanks to its width and quality of manufacture, this faux leather bias offers an impeccable and professional finish to all your creations. Whether you sew by machine or by hand, you will get high quality results every time.

Flexibility and Resistance:

The flexibility and resistance of this faux leather bias makes it an ideal choice for projects requiring complex curves or angles. You can work with confidence, knowing that this material will meet your most demanding sewing needs.

Economic Advantage:

Packaging by 25 meters offers a significant economic advantage, allowing you to carry out many projects without having to order frequently. This also allows you to maintain consistency in material quality throughout your projects.

Express Your Personal Style:

Opt for our 20 mm light grey faux leather bias conditioned by 25 meters to give your sewing creations a touch of luxury and timeless elegance. Express your personal style and create unique and refined pieces that will stand out with this superior quality bias.

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Data sheet


62% polyester / 38% polyurethane


20 mm




Washable at 40°C


per 25 meters