10 mm pompom braid - red
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10 mm pompom braid - red

Galon Pompon Micro 10 mm Red - Elegance and Charm in Your Sewing Creations

The Galon Pompon 10 mm Red is a delicate and charming sewing accessory, ideal for adding a touch of whimsy to your creations. With its small pom-pom design, this braid brings elegance and charm to a variety of sewing projects.

- Delicate Design: The small tassels offer a delicate, feminine touch to your creations, adding a playful dimension to your sewing projects.

- Vibrant Red Color: The vibrant red color of this braid brings a touch of dynamism and passion to your creations, standing out elegantly on a variety of fabrics.

- Versatile Use: Perfect for apparel, fashion accessories, home décor and more, this micro pompon braid offers a creative solution for embellishing your creations.

- Superior quality: Made from high-quality materials, this braid is durable and long-lasting, ensuring a reliable hold over time.

- Easy to sew: Featuring a lightweight, flexible structure, this braid is easy to sew onto a wide variety of fabrics, allowing you to personalize your sewing projects with ease.

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