10 mm lurex piping - gold
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Piping 10 mm lurex Copper

10 mm Copper Lurex Piping: Sparkle and Refinement for your Creations

Give a touch of sophistication to your sewing projects with our 10mm copper lurex piping. Designed for sewing enthusiasts looking for a sparkling and elegant finish, this piping brings a touch of subtle glamour to all your creations.

Product Features:

Width and Size: With a width of 10 mm, this piping offers just the right amount of shine without being too imposing. Its discreet size allows it to highlight the contours of your creations with elegance and finesse.

Color and Material: Copper adds a warm and bright touch to your sewing projects. Made from lurex, a brilliant synthetic fiber, this piping provides a subtle shine that captures light in an elegant way, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your creations.

Versatility of use: Whether for clothing, accessories or interior decoration, this copper lurex piping adds a luxurious dimension to all your sewing projects. Use it to embellish the edges of cushions, blankets, bags or clothing for a sophisticated and sparkling finish.

Ease of Application: Thanks to its flexibility and malleability, our copper lurex piping is easy to sew along the edges of your creations. Its application is simple and precise, guaranteeing an impeccable finish every time.

Superior Quality: Made with high quality materials, this copper lurex piping is wear-resistant and durable, ensuring an elegant finish that lasts over time.

Add a touch of sparkle and refinement to your creations with our 10mm copper lurex piping. Whether you are making clothes, accessories or interior decoration projects, this piping is the perfect choice for those looking for a remarkably glamorous and sophisticated finish.

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50% polyester, 50% cotton


10 mm


Decoration, clothing, textile creations, customization