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Gold sequined lycra fabric

Gold-tone sequined Lycra fabric is a type of Lycra fabric that features a gold color with a sequined look throughout.

Gold-tone sequined Lycra fabric is perfect for creating spectacular, dazzling outfits. Its golden color combined with its glittery appearance gives it a touch of luxury and glamour. Whether for dance performances, festive events, shows or evening wear, this fabric offers a combination of comfort, elasticity and style thanks to its brilliant gold color and glittery look. When sewing this fabric, it's advisable to use Lycra-suitable needles to achieve a neat, elegant result.

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80% polyamide, 20% elastane

Weight per m²

190 g/m²


150 cm


Costumes for dance, twirling, swimming, gym,... Creation of lycra objects for decoration

The characteristics of the gold-colored Lycra glitter fabric are as follows:

1. Stretch Lycra fabric: Lycra, also known as elastane or spandex, is a stretch fabric that offers excellent comfort and freedom of movement. It adapts well to the body and ensures a snug fit.

2. Gold color: Gold is a bright, shimmering gold, offering a luxurious, festive hue.

3. Sequined look: Sequined Lycra fabric has a soft, shiny finish, giving it a subtle, velvety look.

4. Versatile use: This type of fabric is often used for dancewear, show costumes, swimwear, leggings, tops, evening dresses, party wear and other projects requiring an elastic fabric with a vibrant hue.

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