Fuchsia embroidered organza fabric
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Fuchsia embroidered organza fabric

Fuchsia embroidered organza refers to a type of fuchsia-colored organza fabric with embroidery also made from fuchsia-colored thread. Organza is a light, transparent fabric, and the fuchsia color gives it a bright, vivid hue.

Embroideries in fuchsia thread add delicate, decorative motifs to the fabric, creating unique, personalized designs. Embroideries can vary in pattern, density and complexity, depending on preferences and embroidery styles used.

This type of fuchsia organza fabric with fuchsia embroidery is often used in eveningwear, festive wear or show costumes, where a touch of bright color and refined detail is desired. It can also be used for decorative elements, such as cushions, tablecloths, curtains or decorative accessories, to bring a bold, elegant aesthetic to a space.

Embroidered fuchsia organza offers a visually captivating combination, highlighting both the vibrant color of the fabric and the careful details of the embroidery. It's a fabric choice that adds a touch of personality and sophistication to your creations or decor.

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100% nylon

Weight per m²

15 g/m²


150 cm


Manufacture of clothes, disguises in volume, curtains, linings of transparent curtains,...
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