Silver matte metallic eyelet 40 mm
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Silver matte metallic eyelet 40 mm

Product description : 

1 eyelet consists of 2 parts (male & female). It is applied to the curtain with an opening made in the curtain. The 2 parts of the eyelet are applied on each side of the curtain.

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Data sheet

Procedure to follow :

  • Place the first eyelet (2 cm from the top + 2 cm from the side edge)
  • Place the next eyelet at the other end of the curtain
  • Divide the other eyelets in the width separating your first 2 eyelets
  • Draw a line around the inside of each eyelet
  • Cut the fabric adding a few millimeters to the outside (2 to 3 mm)
  • Take the picot part and apply it from below
  • Position it in the opening making sure that the picots include all the thicknesses
  • Make sure that nothing protrudes in the middle of the eyelet so that the fitting can be done without difficulties
  • Take the smooth part and put it on top
  • Clip the smooth part by pressing on it (each pin should snap into place)