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DIY Defenders Calendar

A desire to create your own Defenders Advent calendar, now....

Make an advent calendar with the 100% cotton Defenders coupon.

Sewing instructions:

1. Cut out the calendar panel along the black line.

2. Carefully cut each pocket strip along the dotted lines.

3. Place the pockets on top of the calendar on the corresponding square.

4. Create the folds between each pocket so that the sides of each pocket touch (you can mark this with an iron if you wish).

5. Pin the pockets to the calendar, topstitching the sides and bottom of the pocket.

6. We recommend using interlining fabric or wadding on the back of the pockets to give the calendar more hold.

White Rigid Thermo-Adhesive Interlining Fabric by the Meter for the creation of Bags, Pockets (

1.5 cm thick wadding fabric by the meter for lining garments and decorations (

Now you're ready to fill your calendar with little gifts


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100% coton

Weight per m²

180 g/m²



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