Sequined Lycra Tulle Fabric by the Meter for Dancewear, Skatingwear

Sequined lycra tulle fabric

Etissus is delighted to present its collection of sequinned Lycra tulle. These fabrics combine the lightness and transparency of tulle with the sparkle of sequins, creating a glittering, glamorous effect. Perfect for evening wear, dance costumes or special sewing projects, our sequined Lycra tulle fabrics add a touch of magic to your creations. They offer excellent stretch, exceptional shape recovery and a pleasant feel to the touch. Available in a variety of sequined colors and patterns, our sequined Lycra tulle fabrics let you create dazzling, one-of-a-kind pieces. Discover our collection of sequinned Lycra tulle and let your creativity run wild for sparkling creations.

Elastic snake tulle fabric - black

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The elastic tulle fabric imitation snake skin in transparency (flocked) is used for the confection of outfits for artistic sports (skating, twirling, grs..) This European fabric, of quality, has a very good resistance of the flock slightly iridescent and it is elastic in both directions.