Wadding & padding fabric

Wadding & padding fabric

Iron-on wadding

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Our iron-on wadding is used to give volume and structure to your projects.
Composed of an iron-on side for easy attachment, it's also soft, generous and pleasant to the touch on the other side.
Texture: Thermobonded wadding is soft and generous, offering soft, comfortable padding.
Iron-on: It has an iron-on adhesive side. Heated with an iron, the sticky side melts and adheres to the fabric, securing the wadding in place without the need for additional sewing.
Versatility: It can be used to add volume and structure to a variety of sewing projects, including garments, quilts, cushions, bags and other accessories.
Ease of use: Iron-on wadding is easy to work with. It can be cut to size, placed between layers of fabric and then fixed in place with an iron.

1 kg bag of eco-friendly upholstery fiber

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Our 1 kg bag of upholstery fiber is an eco-responsible product, made from 100% new recycled fiber. These new fibers are obtained from recycled materials, helping to reduce waste and preserve the environment.
This product is ideal for stuffing items such as cushions, plush toys, pillows and much more. By choosing this product, you're helping to promote sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices.
More compact and dense than wadding, this 1 kg bag of stuffing fiber will provide you with quality stuffing linked to an eco-responsible act.

1 kg bag of polyester padding fiber

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Special stuffing fiber, 100% polyester in 1 kg bag, can be used for cushion, doll, pillow, plush
More compact than wadding, and denser.