Mercerie métallique

Mercerie métallique

Seam rippers

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Ergonomic thimble

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This ergonomic rubber thimble will give you comfort and protection while sewing. This thimble has air slots to allow your finger to breathe.
The bottom of the thimble is made of rigid plastic to allow you to push your needles. Thimble available in 4 different sizes: S (16mm), M (17mm) L (18mm) or XL (19mm)

Metal wire cutter

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Wire cutter for sewing, easy to use, very resistant to use.
Plastic protection provided for storage
Type : universal, silver color, suitable for any type of thread.

Sewing thimble

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Metal thimble sold by the unit, quality and low price.
Easy to use, and very durable to use.
Type : universal, silver color is suitable for all types of fabric.
Size : 15.7 mm

Universal scissors 21 cm

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Universal scissors for cutting all fabrics, leather, cotton, foam, cork... Easy to use, these scissors are resistant to use.
Type : universal, suitable for all types of fabric.
Size : 21 cm