Tubular Rib Fabric by the Meter for Finishes: Sleeves, Necklines

Tubular Rib

At Etissus, we offer a selection of ribbed fabrics to complete your garment projects. Rib fabrics are often used for finishing and detailing garments, such as cuffs, collars, hems and waistbands.

Our ribbed fabrics are characterized by their stretchability and elasticity, enabling them to fit comfortably and maintain their shape. They are generally made from cotton-elastane blends, offering both softness and flexibility.

We offer a variety of colors and patterns of ribbed fabrics to match your style and creative projects. Whether you're looking for plain, striped, polka-dot or patterned ribbing, you'll find a range of options to add a professional finishing touch to your creations.

Ribbed fabrics are versatile and can be used for a wide range of garments, such as sweaters, jackets, cardigans, pants and more. They are also useful for repairing or modifying existing garments, replacing worn ribbing or adding decorative details.

Explore our collection of ribbed fabrics and discover the different options available. With our quality ribbed fabrics, you can add a professional, elegant finish to your garment creations.

Tubular ribbed fabric - white

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Tubular elastic ribbed fabric in white colour in fine ribbed knit, used to finish the cuffs, collars and waistbands of jogging suits, sweatshirts, jackets, trousers... Of superior quality (95% cotton) it returns well in elasticity.
Tube width : 35 cm
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