Satin Fabric by the Meter ideal for Clothing : Lingerie, Disguise

Satin fabric

Etissus is delighted to present its collection of plain and printed satin fabrics. Satin is a smooth, luxurious fabric renowned for its sheen and elegance. Our plain satin fabrics are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your sewing needs and projects. They're perfect for evening gowns, wedding garments, dance costumes and other creations requiring a refined, elegant fabric.

In addition to plain satin fabrics, our collection also offers printed satin fabrics. These fabrics offer the beauty of satin in a variety of patterns and designs, from floral to geometric to abstract. Printed satin fabrics add a touch of personality and style to your creations, making them unique and original.

Explore our collection of plain and printed satin fabrics and unleash your creativity to create elegant and sophisticated pieces.

Carnival satin fabric - music

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Satin of very good quality, without elasticity, soft fall, with a pleasant touch. The glossy side is printed in carnival tones and is practical for your disguises or decorations. Very good value for money and very good resistance of colors in time.