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For your upholstery projects, we offer a variety of lining fabrics specially designed to complement your creations. Here are just some of the types of upholstery lining fabrics we offer:

Our Cotton Liners: Cotton liners are lightweight and breathable, making them an excellent choice for cushion liners, curtains and seat covers. They add an extra layer of softness and protection to your upholstery projects.

Our Polyester Liners: Polyester linings are durable and easy to care for. They offer extra protection against stains and spills, making them a popular choice for car seats, outdoor cushions and upholstery projects requiring extra strength.

Our Satin Liners: Satin liners add a touch of luxury to your upholstery projects. They are often used for curtains, decorative cushions and chair covers, offering an elegant finish and soft touch.

Fleece lining: Fleece linings are warm and cozy, making them ideal for winter furnishing projects such as blankets, quilts and cushions. They provide extra insulation and a feeling of comfort.

Whatever the style or furnishing project you're considering, our upholstery lining fabrics give you options to enhance the quality and finish of your creations.


Burlington wrinkle-free fabric - grey per 20 metres

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The burlington fabric color burgundy is an opaque fabric, little extensible and resistant. It is used for the confection of clothes, (pants...) decoration as well as lining furniture. Good value for money.