Jeans fabric by the meter for the creation of Clothing: Skirts, Trousers

Denim fabric

At Etissus, we have a range of cotton denim fabrics as well as denim fabrics with elastane to give you extra flexibility and comfort.

Our cotton denim fabrics are made from high-quality natural cotton fibers, giving them a robust, durable texture. These fabrics offer excellent breathability and are ideal for creating hard-wearing, versatile garments such as jeans, jackets, skirts and much more.

Our denim fabrics with elastane, also known as stretch denim, are designed to offer greater stretch and a better fit. The addition of elastane to the fabric allows the garment to adapt comfortably to the body's movements, offering greater freedom of movement. These fabrics are ideal for tight-fitting garments such as skinny jeans, leggings, body-hugging dresses and more.

Whether you opt for our classic cotton denim fabrics or our denim fabrics with elastane, you'll benefit from the quality, durability and timeless style of denim fabrics. We also offer a variety of colors, finishes and washes, so you can create unique pieces to match your personal style.

Discover our collection of cotton and elastane denim fabrics, and be inspired to create comfortable, durable and fashionable garments.