Felt Fabric by the Meter ideal for Handicrafts, Hobbies and Crafts

Felt fabric

At Etissus, we offer a variety of felt fabrics to meet your creative needs. Felt is a versatile and popular material, ideal for a wide range of sewing, craft and decorative projects.

Our collection of felt fabrics includes a diverse palette of colors, giving you a wide choice for your creations. Whether you want to make accessories, toys, decorations, school projects or home décor items, our felt fabrics are perfect for bringing your ideas to life.

Felt is appreciated for its ease of cutting, simple handling and ability to hold its shape. It's also ideal for projects requiring intricate detail or embroidery applications.

Our felt fabrics are available in a range of thicknesses, allowing you to choose the right felt for your specific project. Whether you're looking for a thicker felt for solid structure or a thinner felt for delicate applications, we have options to suit your needs.

Explore our collection of felt fabrics and let your creativity run wild. Whether it's for sewing, DIY or home decor projects, our quality felt fabrics will help you create unique, long-lasting creations.