150 cm lace fabric by the meter for women's clothing

Lace 150 cm

At etissus, our lace fabrics are delicate, ornate textiles characterized by raised, openwork patterns. They are often used to add a touch of femininity and elegance to garments and sewing projects.

These fabrics offer a variety of patterns, from delicate, romantic lace to more daring, contemporary lace.

Lace fabrics are often used to create bridal gowns, evening dresses, tops, skirts, lingerie and accessories such as shawls or veils. They can also be used as overlays on other fabrics to add a touch of texture and sophistication. Whether delicate and romantic or bolder and more contemporary, lace fabrics are an elegant choice for apparel creations and couture projects that wish to add a touch of beauty and refinement!

Lace fabric - silver

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Very beautiful lace that can be used for clothing, disguise, creations or for decoration.
Fine and openwork fabric, which will allow you to play with transparencies for your creations.
Care : wash and iron at low temperature. Do not put in the dryer