Muslin fabric by the meter for the creation of Clothing: Dresses, Blouses

Muslin fabric

Etissus is pleased to present its collection of muslin fabrics. Chiffon is a light, sheer, flowing fabric known for its delicacy and softness. Our chiffon fabrics offer an airy texture and elegant drape, making them perfect for dresses, blouses, scarves and other light, feminine pieces. They're available in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to create unique, romantic designs. Chiffon fabrics are also easy to work with and care for. Discover our collection of chiffon fabrics and be inspired by the lightness and beauty of this timeless fabric.

Muslin fabric - white per 50 meters

White muslin is a lightweight, sheer fabric often used in women's garments such as dresses, blouses and scarves. White muslin is distinguished by its delicate, slightly crinkled texture and transparency, giving it an airy, fluid appearance. It is often used to create overlays, drapes and ruffles, adding a romantic and elegant touch to garments. It can also be used to decorate special events such as weddings, where it is often used to create light sheers and delicate decorations.
Sold by rolls of 50 meters