Velvet fabric by the meter for garments: Pants, Skirts

Corduroy fabric

We offer a variety of ribbed velvet fabrics, both rigid and elastic, to meet your creative needs. Ribbed velvet fabrics are characterized by their distinctive ribbing, which adds texture and style to your projects.

Stiff corduroy fabric is generally more structured and offers a more pronounced texture thanks to its well-defined ribs. It is often used for garments such as jackets, pants, dresses and skirts. Its stiffness gives it good hold and an elegant appearance.

Elastic corduroy, on the other hand, offers extra stretch and comfort thanks to the presence of elastic fibers such as Lycra. It's ideal for fitted garments and sportswear that require a certain freedom of movement. It's also appreciated for its softness and suppleness.

Whether you're looking for a rigid corduroy fabric for more structured creations or an elastic corduroy fabric for more comfortable, fitted pieces, our collection offers a varied choice of colors, patterns and textures to help you realize your creative projects.

Please feel free to explore our selection of rigid or elastic corduroy fabrics and contact us if you have any specific questions or special requests. We're here to help you find the perfect fabric for your project.